Updated 2/8/17 

New Mini Lop litter out of Faline and Julian.

Born 1-22-17. Will be ready for new home March 18th!

New Litter out of Irene and Steve!

Check out the Nursery page for more info.

Welcome To North Gardens Rabbitry!

Hi, my name is Olivia! I own and manage North Gardens Rabbitry.

North Gardens, located in Lansing, MI, is a small, quality-before-quantity rabbitry that strives to better the Mini Lop breed according to the ARBA's standards.  

My kits are handled from the day they're born and are extremely socialized.

I am registered with the ARBA.

I will NEVER knowingly sell ill-tempered or sick rabbits.

I would like to thank Mackenzie Sturman of Whisper's Rabbitry for providing me with my first Mini Lop breeding pair and  my first Californian breeding trio.

Bucks and Does

Whisper's Julian:

  Breed: Mini Lop

  Sire: West's Willie

  Dam: West's Chip

  Color: Chocolate

  Date of Birth: May 14, 2015

  Ear #: CW1 



Wolfsong's/Spirit's: Pippin

  Breed: Mini Lop

  Sire: Wolfsong's/West's Hanibal

  Dam: Spirit's/Wolfsong's Showstopper

  Color: Broken Gold Tipped Steel Black 

  Date of Birth: December 19, 

  Ear #:

Liberty Moon's Faline:

   Breed: Mini Lop

   Sire: Scott's Recourse

   Dam: Robinson's Juliet

   Color: Broken Chestnut Agouti

   Date of Birth: September 13, 2015

   Ear #: N/A

West's Nala:

  Breed: Mini Lop

  Sire: West's Astro

  Dam: West's China Doll

  Color: Broken Black

  Date of Birth: September 24, 2016

  Ear #: CHAT4